Another day in my Life


Happy Independence Day.

As India celebrates its 60 years of Independence and every single indian is convinced with the idea that India is really rising, all I think is that are we really rising.

If I sit back and introspect, one thing is for sure, INDIA is no longer a super power wannabe, we are there and in fact we were there a few years back but today we have stamped our authority on the global arena. Right from acquisition overseas companies, to tightening our grip in the IT industry, to the ever growing automobile market. If I look back, today’s India can afford things that weren’t possible a decade back. In the last decade, India has proved to the world that it is not one country to be discounted for.

India is truly becoming a super-power and the community that is outside of India, should not be left out as well, for they were the initial ones that dared to travel abroad and represent our country in the global arena.

India is becoming a real democratic. This was proved when the general public voiced its concern against the wealthy and powerful in various trials which have been lying in a dusty bureau for years. The RTI act was a big boon for India and I hope that it continues for ages to come.

If I look at the other side of it, India has growing number of nuclear families, old age homes, growing number of suicide deaths of farmers. In fact, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Who is to blame? Why don’t we accept the fact that its just the urban India that we consider as rising. There are a lot of instances that can be given but no justifications for not considering the downside of it.

I am an Urban Indian and I am happy that India is growing but we need to make sure that we don’t forget that we need to grow in all aspects.


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