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The Ultimatum

A movie that I have watched closely. A movie that is an edge of the seat thriller. The Bourne Series. I watched the bourne ultimatum today and the movie didn’t disappoint me. It has all the usual twists and the edge of the seat chases but what amazes me of this series is that in all the three installments of the movie, the director has made sure to unwrap the plot in good amount and yet leave the audience to guess what is going to happen. And the way the movie ends is just perfect to the plot and the character of David A.K.A Jason Bourne.

I am a hardcore action movie buff and Bourne Ultimatum was the kinda movie I wanted to watch for a long time. It sure did keep me occupied for 1.30 hrs.

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One thought on “The Ultimatum

  1. sjgiri says:

    One of the best action movies I saw recent times. I thoroughly enjoyed it too..again sitting at the edge of the seat!!

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