Another day in my Life


I don’t know. I think I have exhausted all the possible phrases for the title for this post. Probably I have cribbed a lot. I am doing to day as well…..

I am becoming restless more often these day.  Reason, I am thinking what to do during weekends. I am trying to put up with as much fun as possible, by visiting my friends, trying to go for a stroll but I feel hollow inside.

I have watched almost 3 movies since last night. Still I am feeling bored.

I have gotten pissed off with me being restless that I have started watching horror, thriller movies to keep my mind occupied. I am not a great fan of horror, but there weren’t any other good movie in the rack.

And even the critically acclaimed old-school gothic tag, didn’t excite me. But still I watched it. Probably 1408 was one of the first horror movie that made me yawn. Even the movie disappointed me.



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