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Its has been a little over 2 years since I moved to Bangalore. I have run from pillar to post in the last 2 years and have slogged and sweated it out. I never thought of taking time off and spending hours with friends and family. The last time I took a break was during the year end shutdown.

Today was the first day in 2 years and one month, that I couldn’t work. I felt as though I was run over by a truck, in fact a trailer. That was my state. Right from the time I stepped into my cubicle and started working, I was not feeling good. My calf muscles started hurting me real bad and I had a severe body pain. On top of it, I was also not feeling good mentally.

I shut my laptop and headed home post lunch, the first time ever in the last 2 years. I think my body needs an overhauling. Probably a vacation, a spiritual journey or a trek. I am seriously thinking about it. But I don’t know whether I have such time in the near future. I need to travel to Chennai next month. Probably an extended vacation to my native sounds to be a good option. I donno but I think I should take a BREAK.

My day started off with me telling my mom, “I am getting bored with life. It shouldn’t happen”. The last time I told this to her, I quit Cognizant and moved to Bangalore. I made a big move in my life. I have no plans of moving now. But I should do something about it.

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