Friends….. Forever…..

He was your best friend. You knew him for like 12 years. He was with you all the time right from grade 1 to grade 12. And all of a sudden he is gone. You are no longer in touch with him. You used to tell to everyone that he is your best friend. And now you … he is gone. He is no longer there in your life. After so many years, when you are alone, all you think of is your best friend for years.

Whose mistake was it? Was it yours or his? Your ego tells you that he should have called and stayed in touch. But you never thought from his perspective. He could have thought the same way.

Or you may have awarded the best friend tag another nerd in college or some punk whom you think will be with you forever.

Finally what you find is that your new found so called best friend is not around any more. Why does this happen all of a sudden. Do you think that your new found friend circle is elite than your previous ones?

And after so many years, you are trying to get back to where you belong. Get back to old friends with whom you had the best days of your life. You finally realized. Yes.

I have realized. I am almost there. Except for one person. That person was once my best friend for 12 years. I knew him right from the day I joined school. I get reminded of him more often nowadays. I don’t know about him.

Time has made me what I am today and I hope he would understand and accept me as his best friend for once again in life.

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