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Hands on IPhone

Finally!!!! YES !!!! Yipeeee!!!!!

I thought it would take me a year to lay my hands on an IPHONE but luckily, I held it told. I held it for almost 5 – 10 minutes and explored most of the features with the connectivity that was available. Luckily the phone was able to connect to the Hutch Network in India.

My counterpart from US, has come down to India for a couple of weeks and I had an opportunity to lay my hands on an IPHONE.

It is simply awesome.

Airtel in India had launched HTC touch, and my manager had got a couple of handsets for the team. I was having IPHONE in one hand and HTC on another and the feeling that I got was HTC just SUCKS!!!! and I mean it.

HTC guys have to learn what touch means by using IPHONE. The navigation is so very smooth and it is remarkably smooth and superb.

On the other hand HTC is not very responsive and does not fully support multi-touch.

On the whole, IPHONE costs $600 and HTC in India costs Rs. 22,500. IPHONE is worth every single penny invested.

Kudos to the team in APPLE for making this wonderful product.


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