Another day in my Life

Its a week now.

It is almost a week now, since I joined the Flash Cast team and I already have a deliverable scheduled on this weekend. The team is full of people who are well versed in the technology and I feel as though I am a fresher just out of college. The world of flash is always interesting and when the platform is Mobile, it is even more interesting. The one good thing for me is that 3 of my previous colleagues have joined the team along with me.

To develop a web service client with just the WSDL files and having no knowledge of what the server expects is very difficult. Trust me. And for a Java guy like me, developing the same in C++ is very difficult.

In just one week, I got to learn some simple C++ programming and have started learning to use VS2005. I now have created a static library and can understand some basic linker errors. Thanks to Sachin, for bearing with me. I now also have learnt to use MFC classes for a console application development.

I am hoping to build a DLL later by next week. Let me see, how I fare on the same.


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