Another day in my Life

Facing the music

 It is almost 4 years now, ever since I attended my first Interview. I was tensed and nervous. It was the first step that I had made towards building a career. I entered the HR Cell office. The panel consisted of just two people. The interview lasted for almost 45 minutes and finally I came out totally exhausted and out. I finally got the job.

Now after almost 4 years and I am still attending interviews, the only  difference; I am the interviewer. But today I see the candidates very different than me. They are more confident but at times I feel that they are over confident when answering.

I have met a lot of people, have hired some and rejected a lot. At times, I wanted to reject some but unfortunately my decision was not an influencing factor and the same has happened when I wanted to hire someone but couldn’t.

Attitude and willingness to learn, are the two defining qualities that translate into a successful hire and in certain cases the decisions are also tied to gut feel. If my gut feel tells me that this candidate will not do good if hired, I don’t recommend the person. And if the candidate makes it in, the gut feel proves to be true.

In my recent conversation with one of my managers, I got to understand the concept of team dynamics, a concept that till date I never thought of, and felt that certain candidates were lucky since they came in when the team was being build.

But whatever it is I have learnt a couple of lessons and they have been really good and tough lessons. I will never forget these lessons.


2 thoughts on “Facing the music

  1. shyam says:

    Machi do u think that ur gut feeling is enough to recruit or reject a person? Don’t u think its necessary to formulate some sort of structural approach while recruiting?

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