After the shocking news of my product closure, there hasn’t been much of activity. For the last couple of weeks, I have been leaving early to home and seeing the sun set has become a part of my routine.

If I go back a month back, I was leaving for home at not before 8 PM. I has been so for the last 2 yrs now. It is good to see the sun set and I am loving it.

Hope it continues to be the same from now on.


3 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. sathish says:’s a rare thing for a software Engg. to see the sun set. I have been enjoying it for the past few months. But the thing is here we cannot able to enjoy the HOT sun set.

    In most cases , ppls stay in office till 7.30 , 8.00 . It dosen’t mean that all have work..most of them are spending time if saying they don’t have anything to do in home. This is the way ppls spoiled the work culture. I never used to do like that …when i don’t have work…i am the one to leave the office earlier. Still there are lot to njoy in life apart from from my workstation….

    keep enjoying the evenings….

  2. @Sathish,

    Not every one would be like what you described… If you are passionate, you will make your day longer to work on a non-regular activities to get yourself a better edge and sharpen your marks above others. This to some extent will reflect on individuals who work on a school-timing basis and just do a hectic regular work and cant think beyond becoz of simple reason.. i dont have time… Well, i would say you must be talking about a chunk of married SW pupil who have personal options as well. who in the world would want to stay in the sick office without a motive??

    “Where there is a will there is a way”… You need not sit @ office most of the extra hours but there are a large chunk of people who have a desire to do a LOT more in life than the ONE regular schedule activity… Unfortunately they dont have internet like me @ home to leave early and work for their passion and R&D apart from the regular deliverables.. hope you got me…

    @moral of the story: Dont let your SW Life dictate terms for your personal life… Dont kill your passion to DO MORE just bcoz of TIME… therez always a way when you want to do it. Staying long in office does not always imply – Wasting time @ office…

  3. @Sathish

    Talking about the work culture…!! You are completely wrong – if you think your manager is giving more credit to people who stay long @ office even though they dont have their deliverables, I must say your manager is an ameture and sick and he is yet to learn to become a manager !! hehe…

    I completely dont get – When you say – “People staying longer in office spoil the work culture”… I mean which company do you work for and what are you talking about?? hehe… u must be kidding…

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