Another day in my Life, Movies

Never expected this

The Curse of the Golden Flower – the most expensive Chinese movie ever made. A whopping 100 million dollars.

Yadav and I, arrived at Innovative Multiplex @ Bangalore to watch the movie and as we expected the movie was running for just one show. I know, there are a very small audience for these kinda movies, but I never expected this to happen at the theatre.

Yadav: Hi

Person @ counter: Yes

Yadav: I would like to book two tickets for The Curse of the Golden flower.

Person @ counter: One moment sir.

After a minute.

Person @ counter: Sir. I need a minimum of 10 people to run a show. You are the first two people. Hence I cannot sell tickets now.

Astonished was I, not knowing what to do, asked the person at the counter to repeat. And he said it once more. We were laughing looking at each other. We didn’t know what to do. Hence we left for Yadav’s place.

But I was determined to see this movie, come what may. So both of us tried our luck once more. So we went to the theatre at 2 PM once again. This time our luck paid off. Tickets were sold for the movie. I asked Yadav to get tickets for the balcony seats.

We entered the theatre and the movie had started a couple of minutes earlier. It was only at the interval that I realized that the entire crowd was at the balcony. There was no one in the normal seating.

Innovative Multiplex. This post would be incomplete without me mentioning about the theatre. Probably the sickest theatre I have been to. You are watching a Chinese movie and you get to hear hindi movie dialogs. Also I could hear the sound of a plane flying. And the prices. Its day light robbery. A ticket costs Rs. 20o. Total waste. The amenities provided were even more sick and the prices of refreshments, I have never had a more expensive pop corn  in my life.

On the whole, the movie was really rich and vibrant and the sets were spectacular but what’s more Innovative Multiples is more expensive for a movie buff like me.


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