Another day in my Life, Travel

6th Gear

I hardly get to take my bike to its limits and there is only one problem. Unicorn doesn’t have a 6th Gear. Today I drove to Marathahalli and the route is one which all hardcore bikers would love to drive. Its called the outer ring road and the last time I drove was almost a month back. I started to rev my bike and the soon my bike took over. I started to clock 90 kmph easily and I was cruising along. As I overtook one vehicle after another I gained speed. I touched 105 kmph.

It was then, I was overtaken by the very obvious demonic Scorpio. I was feeling small and I started to press for more speed. I somehow touched 110 kmph but I could match up to the muscles of Scorpio. I was accelerating the fullest and still the indicator was fixed at 110 kmph. Infuriated, I was; for not being able to accelerate more.

It was then I realized how cool it would have been, if my bike had a 6th Gear.


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