An interesting IM status message of my friend

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”

My answer

“When you want to be someone’s option, why not make them your priority”


3 thoughts on “Quote

  1. dude.. you got it completely wrong –

    “When you want to be someone’s option, why not make them your priority”

    My Answer: When you allow yourself to be some ones option, that means.. they dont bother much about you… simply they just dont care for you.. they just think that oh you are such and such person… its just only till that ends there for them…on the other hand, what about “you”??

    Now you cant be a fool to make them your priority and worry much – Why do you want to worry about the nuts who dont have you as their valued individual list?? what is the point of making them into your priority list??

    Classic example: A girl runs behind a guy even though the guy thinks she is ok as an individual and not so important to him… now what should the girl do?? add him to her priority list and worry about him… hehe..

    Instead, i would say –

    When you want to be someone’s option and then see any scope of improving the optional one to be special one and then important one and then very very important one, why not make them your priority.. dont just keep adding junk to your priority when you dont see it wont proceed further and it remains as option again and again 🙂 hehe..

  2. What you added in the last para of your comment was exactly what I meant dude. When we want to be someones (special) option, they in order to make it to that level, we need to make that person our priority.

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