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I wrote about my latest U – Turn in one of my earlier post. It is great and exciting to work for a product that is one of the flagship products of your company. Not everyone gets this opportunity and I am more than excited to work for the FLASH Mobile Team.

Flash Lite and  Flash Cast, the runtime and the application delivery model are the two products that I will be working on. I am thrilled and excited. What is more, the prerequisite for joining this team is a sound knowledge of flash, which I don’t have.

Hence I have started my work on understanding what animation is all about and difference between vectors and bitmaps and so on. Well well seems all the more exciting.

I often am asked by my folks, who have no idea about the who’s who in the s/w industry, “Which company do you work for?”. Honestly, when I answer “Adobe”, the next question is “Is it a software company?”. Hence in order to avoid the second question, my answer has always been “Adobe. Do you know Flash or PDF. I work for that Company”. And for once I can tell everyone that I work for FLASH for real. Only thing is that this time I will be working for the LITE version of it.

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