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U Turn – This time its Mobile and Devices

2004, July 26. My dreams of making it into the Embedded / Telecommunications Industry was all over. I joined the band wagon and became another software engineer and joined CTS Chennai. It was a big U – Turn for me in life. It was a career option that I had to take. And then I moved on.

Just within a year of me joining CTS, 12 May 2005, I was at the cross roads again. I got an opportunity at Macromedia. All my friends asked me to stay with CTS as I was making a premature move of shifting the company. But still I decided to go with Macromedia. It was the second U – Turn in my life.

Now 2 years later, 20 June 2007, this time its @ Adobe. I am once again at the cross roads. This time, to choose between what excites me and what might reward me. A tough decision to make and I hope this time also, the decision I make will help me out.

The third U – Turn. This time its what I wanted to do for a long time. A job opportunity with the Mobile and Devices Team of Adobe and I go 3 years back memory lane, fresh out of college trying to prove a point and make it big.


3 thoughts on “U Turn – This time its Mobile and Devices

  1. to choose between what excites me and what might reward me – See the movie GURU.. if the GORA recognizes you and promotes you to manager level, he feels you have a lot of stuff in you… – What excites you will always reward you because what didnt excite you earlier to the fullest of what you wanted the most, also rewarded you for your committment… i am sure what excites you will have double the committment. Also, somebody told – Do your best and forget about the rewards, they will come automatically… I am sure this decision will reward you with your interest to do more and more..

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