Life always provides with a lot of options at every juncture. When we enter our XI Standard, we are provided with two options – science or commerce. It is a difficult choice to make. But mostly the choice is not made by us. It is mostly made by our parents. Then when we plan for our graduation, it is again mostly driven by our parents. In the final year of our graduation there is again an option to be chosen. Either to pursue higher studies or start with your career. This is also mostly influenced by the financial status of our parents.

Life has options for you at every stage in life. But always the decision is influenced by someone whom you know. And they think, it is good for you.

I think the time has come for me to some decisions in life. It was now that I realized that the onus was always with me and I always let others decide what was so called good for me.


One thought on “Options

  1. sathish says:

    that’s true sudharshan …the choices given to us are always influenced by others. We cannot take some decisions for our own. All are influenced by others.
    If we have to take some decisions for our own and without any influences , then we have to go to a Island and start our life there. So that no one will influence our decisions. But still we will get options and we can take our own decisions. Who knows , still there may be influence by nature and other things.,

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