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This craze will never end – Sivaji A.K.A Rajni

7.00 am, I was standing in the streets of chennai, waiting for Freddy. Where were we headed to? To watch Sivaji. The very feeling that I am going to watch Sivaji, Rajini’s latest movie, on the second day of release, made me all the more excited. Freddy managed to find his way and picked me up. We somehow managed to reach Melody theatre at around 7.30 am only to find out that the movie was about to start. We didn’t have the tickets in our hand and were waiting for a guy who had promised to give us the tickets.

What the movie is starting 30 minutes in advance. I was going berserk. The movie had begun and I was still at the gates. Finally to my relief, I got into the theatre and to found my way to my seat, with my eyes glued to the screen.

15 different hair styles and a gazillion different costumes, Rajni looks really young and stunning. Amazing make-up and spectacular sets. Shot at 4k Resolution, the first of its kind in the India, the cinematography was just simply superb and Sivaji is one visual treat.

Its an out and out Rajnikanth film, made for the front benchers and it proves that Rajni is and will always be the matinee idol and crowd puller.

There are tonnes of surprises in the movie and I don’t want to let them out.

All in all, a MUST WATCH at least 5 times, in theatre; if you can afford a ticket 😉 and a zillion times in DVD


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