Another day in my Life


Loneliness, Want, Frustration, Bliss, Happiness, Expectation and what not. Last week was really filled with all kinds of emotions. The week began with my granny’s operation. It was a crucial surgery. I was scared, I wanted to spend her last few days in peace. But she was adamant. On the other hand, my professional life on the rocks. There was lots of hustling in the office and I was meeting people to actually find out what is going to happen to me.  What would be the best possible option for me. The week went on in this mood, and finally on Thursday, I had some clarity on what I need to do so that my career doesn’t go down the drain.

Finally I was relieved. I was happy that I had made a decision. A decision similar to what I took 2 years back; to leave Cognizant. A hard one though but a conscious one. I have decided that the time has come for me to move on. Leaving my team back and try to get into another.

On top of this, I was also feeling lonely. I am not a loner and I need some disturbance around me all the time. But on Thursday, I was feeling really bad. I wanted people around me. No one was there around. I called my mom and spoke to her. I was kinda ok after that. I had an early dinner (Grilled Sandwich and Sweet Lime Juice). But still I was feeling void inside of me.

On reaching home, I called up Kala. I spoke to her for quite sometime and I was feeling better. I then logged on to Yahoo Messenger and started to find for online contacts and my search ended up in vain.

Friday, I was all set and headed to office, with a big smile in my face. I spoke to my Boss regarding my decision and things were fine. I headed for home early and spent the evening with my niece.

On Saturday, I woke up to the call of Siva. He had sent me an SMS asking me whether I would be joining for the GYM. Over the last one week, I was so much mentally depressed that I skipped my GYM. And Siva had a very good excuse for skipping the routine as well.

In the evening, I went to Brigade Road (Probably the only place to hang out in Bangalore). I met Yadav and we spoke on various stuff. Finally it was dinner time and I wanted to have something different. Tibetan Food. Shangri La, was the place. The food was amazing and Smirnoff and Breezer set the mood right.

I drove back home and hit the sack.

What a week !! A week full of emotions and fun. Whoever contributed to the misery or joy, a big thanks. smile_wink


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