What does this picture reflect …..

My Team

What does this picture depict? Each and every one of us standing in one pillar. Very well choreographed right. This picture was taken during May 2006. Almost a year back. All of us look happy in this picture. Yes we were really happy.

Now the time has come. Probably this picture depicted what was going to happen almost a year later. In another couple of weeks time, this team will be finally dismantled. Already few in this picture have moved on and what ever is left of it will be razed. All of us have decided to move on in life and for once decided to take up what is good for us.

My Team. I will say it proudly anywhere. The BEST One. I can challenge any manager, that they can never build a team like this. I can challenge that even Suresh can’t build a team like this once again. Team Contribute. Hope one day this team will be together, once again enjoying and having a good time.


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