Another day in my Life, Life

Bench … DAMN

Bench: (n) A slang word that is used to refer to the period wherein a software engineer in a service company is idle and waits to be allocated to a project.

I wanted to take time off and go to Chennai. Work was hectic and it kept me occupied all the time. I wanted to give couple of certification exams and as well learn lot of new things. I was so much occupied that I even got bored of myself. On top of this, the Contribute team folks too didn’t have much work. I always envied the bench folks in a service company. ‘Cause it gave them lot of time to do what they wanted to do. Prepare for exams, go on vacations, enjoy time. And all I get is week long work and I was too tired to do anything interesting during weekends. I used to ask my friends, as to how they managed to spend the entire day without doing anything.

And now I have all the time to do whatever I want to do. But I can’t sit idle. For a person like me, who likes to work it is very difficult to sit idle. My days seem to be long now and since I am not used to sleeping for long time, it seems to be even more longer. Now I ask my friends, tell me what do I do to kill time.

Damn this phase is very difficult for me to handle. I am spending most of my time in Lakhwinder and Arun’s cubicles. I spend a lot of time trying to find out answers and learning small things that I had missed out to learn.

It is a very difficult phase and I want to get over it soon. Waiting for Suresh to return from WWDC. 


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