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Wanted to write this for a long time … Lots was Lost

I wanted to write this for a long time. Donno what stopped from doing it? What makes you more happy? A debatable question.

What makes us happy? Is it the achievement of a goal or milestone in life or day to day events that make you really happy? I have always heard people telling to me that work hard towards your goal and achieve them and then you will really feel what happiness is all about.

I was also thinking in the same way. Working hard, toiling day in and day out, doing some repetitive task and at the end of it, all that is left is a totally washed out and drained piece of soul. And once a goal is met, you set yourself another one and the vicious circle starts from then on.

That doesn’t mean that achieving your goal doesn’t give you the happiness that you have always wanted. But at what cost?

Off late this is what is running in my mind. I stepped out of Cognizant, where I was really happy (even though, my renumeration was not good) to bangalore in search of a brighter and better future. I was getting the pay that I wanted, the opportunity for growth was there and a very competitive environment. I was for once sure that I have made the best decision in my life.

All of that was fine for the first one year. I worked hard,slogged and the need was also there. We finally shipped a product. It was a great feeling. The first complete product shipment from the India Office. Made me real proud. A milestone achieved. I was happy. Days passed and I was back at work for the next release. “Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. Hold On.” What is happening to me. What have I done? It was one year of isolation from being normal. No hanging out with friends. 12 to 14 hours of work. Work weekends, Night outs. Dude where’s all the fun in life. You worked hard and you have achieved something. But in the process, you have lost one year of your life. Missing out on small things; a friendly chat, pulling your friends leg, going out for a walk, getting drenched in rain intentionally, making fun of others. Lots was lost.

It was then that I realized that these small things makes you real happy. Because it was these small things that make more meaning to me. What was more hurting to me was, I had lost touch with most of my friends; friends with whom I spent almost 12 – 18 hours a day during my college. And now I don’t have them. Damn, I didn’t even have a personal life, which I always wanted.

It was then I realized, that I need to get back to them. Get back to where I belong. For I was sure that I would achieve all my goals and milestones in life. I started searching for each and everyone of them. People who had and will have a lasting impact on me. In the process, I even found couple of people whom I thought, I would never get a chance to meet.

What is more important is that I am being normal. Enjoying life to the fullest. Having unlimited fun. Doing things effectively and efficiently, so that I can spend time with friends or listen to music. It is really refreshing. In this process, I am also reinventing me everyday.

Today, I am more happier everyday than I was a year back the same date. Also my life is now filled with more happiness that before. Thanks to all my friends who had brought the smile on my face back. Love you all. 😉


2 thoughts on “Wanted to write this for a long time … Lots was Lost

  1. Happy to hear that you brought back the you have reinvented what you have lost this one year… definately this “Recalling” of life will bring you more happiness going forward… and i know your motivation behind writing this, offlate – “thanks to my friends (incl. special one!!.. ) who brought my smile back..”.. haha..

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