Another day in my Life

Looks like …..

People change their looks quite often. Some sport a French beard, some clean shaved, some a short mustache, some a long one. How many have you tried. I have tried a lot of different looks. My previous post explains the same.

But now, I have done something that I never thought I would. The last time, it was a grueling 21 days, when I was writing my 12 standard exams. And this time it was close to 35 days.

Yes, I didn’t have a shave for the last 35 days. And the result, you can see alongside.

I donno why I do this, but I am a person who likes and dares to experiment. Consequence, people die, sometimes looking at me.

Looks like today is the last day I sport this look. ‘Cause from tomorrow, I am visiting the saloon and who knows a new look can be created. Lets see.


5 thoughts on “Looks like …..

  1. man. you look like thotti jaya. i happen to think its kinda a handsome look. anyways change it . the gym chick does not happen to think so ? probably …

  2. Fred says:

    Nice photo dude… You can send this one for any photoshoot competition… This would bag all the awards for sure…

    Dont remove this… Try to attain the state of our great Thiruvalluvar 😉

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