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My Workout / Working me out

You are pushing it hard on the treadmill, trying to get the extra bit of sweat out of your system. Suddenly all focus is lost and the speed of treadmill comes down. ;). Why there is a girl next to you and who is also trying to sweat it out. The music also suits the need of the occasion. Hard rock, heavy metal, Punjabi Pop etc. Why should it happen to me? Why so much distraction for a kid like me?. After all she is fit and fine.

When I joined this Gym, I made sure that I shall start early so that I can concentrate properly on my workout schedule. For sometime things were going fine and I was burning a lot of calories. I graduated from floor exercises to weights. I insisted that I wouldn’t touch dead weights and that I would try my hands on Rowing, dips, Shoulder press and Chest press.

All of a sudden, everything changed. Summer vacations began and the crowd started to come early. I was initially going to my gym at 6.30 am, then slowly rescheduled it at 6.00 am. I worked hard and tried to sweat even harder. Suddenly one fine day, in comes a beautiful dame or should I call her a chick. I can guarendamntee that she had one of the finest figure I had seen in the recent past ;). I was mesmerized for a second.  I immediately came out of it and continued my workout.

The next day, as usual, I started my day at the treadmill. And my god when I turned my head, what luck. She was jogging besides me. For the next 20 minutes, my attention was not on the treadmill. But to make myself present in a better way. Chest out, back straight and walk briskly at high speed. What was I doing? My legs started to hurt and I slowly started to breath heavily. Whenever she glanced at me, I made sure I looked alright.

Why do we go to gym? For physical fitness or make ourselves more presentable to others. Most of us would say, for physical fitness. But boys are boys and the it is the same for girls as well. Guys want to look like hunks so that they can attract the attention of girls and girls want to look scorchingly hot, so that they can set young heart ablaze.

But why do it at the gym. Where kids like me are sincerely trying to burn fat and get into shape. Probably did I stare at her for a longer time…. mmmm…. I donno. But nowadays she comes in at 7.30 am, the time I head home from my gym. 😦


3 thoughts on “My Workout / Working me out

  1. That girl would have come to know about your mindeset, and she did right by scheduling her time. And after writing a this much big post, do you still believe that you are a kid? 😉

  2. Serves you just right. But comon yar…have fun as long as it lasts….:)
    Maybe…… you would have fared better, had you avoided looking at her. Thats where all guys loose out on strategy……oooooppppssss

  3. I must say u are scared and u lost…… dont let ur head half seeing her, let it full see her from top to bottom until she walks away… if u dont think otherwise 😉 n scare her…

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