Another day in my Life, Life

When you’ve the wind knocked out of you

Your vision will blur. Even though, you ensure that your eyes are open, you will not be able to see anything. You heart will beat faster and you would slowly start to gasp for air. You would feel as though you would throw up any moment. Your head will start to ache and for once you would experience a real spin.

Damn. All of us want to go to heaven, but we would never want to die to go there. All of us are afraid of Death. Death is the finest invention of Life. For once I feared something was wrong. I had just then completed my workout and I was having water and it was then, I was hit hard by life. My head was spinning. It was mild and I never anticipated that the worst is yet to come.

I could barely walk and some how managed to climb down the stairs and reach my bike and reached for the safety of my home. What could have caused this? How did this happen? I don’t want to indulge in finding an answer but what is more important is I am alive and kicking hard.

But somewhere in the back of mind there are still a lot of questions regarding my health. Anyways. Lemme see what Life throws up on me. I hope its not more than 70 kgs 😉


One thought on “When you’ve the wind knocked out of you

  1. So when is your Health Check Up????
    For someone who says often “I am a big boy”…hope you realize that you gotta care for oneself before you are able bodied to care for loved ones…..You are a Big Boy…Like you say, onus is on U

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