Another day in my Life, Life

Forget the Calories

Tender and Warm chocolate cake, dressed with hot chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a scoop of Ice Cream. Aptly named Dark Temptation, fully satisfied was I for once in life; it was just perfect. I was at total bliss. Damn. For Christ sake, forget the calories. I have never tasted anything like this before.

Yadav and I, met after a long time. Location, the only place in Bangalore for people to hangout – MG Road & and the famous Brigade Road. We are two people who have REAL appetite for good food. This time we started off at the Coffee House at MG Road. Scrambled egg with toast. Yummy and delicious. Not to forget the Hot Coffee.

We then started to walk and started to discuss about various things in life. And of course, how can there be a discussion between two guy, without girls taking center stage. We went on for like 2 hours until we found ourselves in front of Khati Zone. A very good place for Indi-wraps. Chicken Tikka for me and Mix Veg wrap Yadav.

We spent a good one hour or so there and finally when we were out of that place, we decided that dinner could not be an option for us today. So we continued our walk towards Brigade Road and finally we reached the place where we started off – MG Road.

Yadav was so very pepped up with the conversation that we were having that he urged me to walk a couple of more meters and that he would buy me a coffee. I badly needed one.

Man, so full was I, that every step that I took forward, the more heavily I breathed. Finally we reached Barista. I decided that I am not going to have anything here.

But as I mentioned earlier, we are took guys who have a REAL good appetite for good food. It was Hazelnut Mocha for me this time. I generally prefer Black coffee or Cafe Mocha. We shared some insights into life and laughed so loud that people were looking at us as though we had completely lost it.

I don’t give a damn. After all this, finally it was the turn for Wicked Brownie and Dark Temptation. On the whole, it was one evening I enjoyed. It is always fun speaking to Yadav and also EATING. šŸ˜‰


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