Another day in my Life, Life

Time to introspect

My mom finally said it today. I sometimes feel that I have given birth to a lunatic.

Over the last couple of weeks, or at least, I haven’t been myself. I am Alcoholic but I wasn’ working. Puzzled was I, not being able to do what I do best. What was going through my mind. And over the last two days, Damn I have never been so restless in my life ever. Not even when I was waiting for my results.

Why all this? I ask myself. Why not take one thing at a time? Why do you stress and drudge unwantedly? You have the whole of your life to get things done then why? The answer is all the more complicated. That’s what I tell myself. For people know me as a big boy who likes to have fun, but the darker side is one that are known only to people who really know me. On my road to attain the 100% fulfillment, it is the time that is important to me rather than the distance covered. Makes sense. Thats what I am.

Why should life be complicated or should I say why should I make my life complicated. Do I like it that way? Am I build for It?

Destiny. Oh! piece of crap that when people talk about it makes me throw up. Why, why can’t we people be normal. Do things what we want to do and not get things done that we want to do.

Permissions. Approvals. Why should life be filled with all this befuddling nouns?

Fear. Fear for what. Is it being overcautious or the Fear of failure that has a bigger impact in your life. All of us would have experienced once in your life the a fear that would throw you overboard. The Fear of Failure. You try to be utterly cautious in executing things. Why can’t life be normal

End of the day, it is upto me to actually answer all this questions. On the whole, I am a complicated, confused and crazy guy, who likes to do the roller coaster, the bungee or drive extreme instead of sitting on the beach or walk down the aisle with your girlfriend.


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