Hypercars + > 200 mph = Lunacy

Ever wondered, if people would like to become lunatics or mad. I would be most happy to become one, if given a choice to ride one of the meanest, savagely powerful hypercars. 

I grew up dreaming that one day I would drive a Ferrari Testarossa. But as I grew up, I got to learn and understand what it really means to build a hypercars and how expensive they are to own. Eventhough you have all the money in the world, you still can’t choose to buy certain cars. For example, in 2002 Ferrari produced their finest creation, the ENZO and only 399 of them were made. You can’t choose to buy one them, Ferrari must choose you to be worthy enough to own one of them.

All fast cars are just mere mice, when compared to the lights of the hypercars. To name a few in the league of mice are Porsche carrera GT,  Golf GTI, Lamborghini Gallardo, etc. All these machines have V8/V10 engines, and provide 375-415 Brake Horse Power. Whereas these big cats breath around 595 – 650 bhp and the fastest car on this earth, the Bugatti Veyron breaths at 1001 bhp.

For the sound of the engine roars and adrenaline pumping action, forget life for a moment and laugh death at its face, kiss your own goodbye and then get into these beasts to take them for a ride. Because a slightest mistake from the your side and you would be at the gates of hell or heaven, but with a smile ’cause you had just driven one of mans finest creations. If we need to experience lunacy or madness first hand, then get into one of these hypercars and drive them to their limits. Because, the more fast you drive, the more harder mother nature applies the brake on you and you would all but in tears after you have driven these beastly, wild, monstrous, savagely poweful cars.

Waiting for my number in the list of aspiring young drivers to get into the Enzo or a Murcielago or a Zonda and drive once for live.


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