Another day in my Life, Tech

Copy Paste

Copy and Paste. An amazing utility. Every single person who had used computers in this world, would have definitely done copy and paste at least once in his life. Had the person who invented Copy and Paste, patented the same, then he would have been the worlds most richest person in this world.

Copy and paste, has helped many a developers in doing their job and also facilitates them from fudging code and content. What a utility !!! 🙂

But even copy and paste, if not done properly will result in serious waste of time. Almost all of us would have been victims of this and I am no exception.

I was debugging couple of lines of my code and I experienced an unusual problem. I tried to figure out the cause of the same and tried to provide glue code to fix the same. But even then I couldn’t overcome the problem .

30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hour and finally 3 hours. The problem was resolved. Copy paste error.

I had copied code from one of my other class and forgot to change the variable name. What a waste of time. 😉

Lesson learnt. Copy and paste, be careful


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