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What’s the question?

I have a lot things to get done in life but I always treated them as goals. So that whenever I loose focus, I can get back it to focus. But it was only recently that I understood that these are MILESTONES in life rather than the goal itself. Because the I am still not clear on what my goal is, but I have clearly understand what are the Milestones in my Life.

Now comes the most complicated part of it. What’s the question that is coming up in my mind? Whenever I take a step forward to reach my milestone, there are a lot of questions that arise. For them, I have no answers now. This was my perception for quite some time now. It was always how will I do it.

But now I have the answer to my inner self. The answer is very simple. It is to question the origin of the question. To reinstate my authority on my attitude rather than let my worst fears take charge.

The answer is a slight change in my attitude in all the things I do.

“The question is not who will let me, but who is going to stop me.”

As days progress, I am becoming stronger from within and I am striving to realize my dreams. Dreams might be small or big. They come in all sizes. But the fact is, it is still a dream which I will make sure , doesn’t become a distant one.


3 thoughts on “What’s the question?

  1. Bravo…..
    For a guy who starts most sentences with….”Look…Its very simple”(….though all the simplicity is soon cmpounded to achieve the complexity…..)You have, I believe achieved great clarity.

    Mehfil main jab aa gaye ho,
    Jaam zaraa chalkaa hi dho.
    Sapne anginath bune the jo,
    Hakeekath unhe banaa hi dho.

    Palkon ki aad mein janaab,
    Dhekhe honge hazaaron khwab.
    Ab palkein uthaake,ujiyare mein,
    Sapnon ki sej sajaana sikho.

    Sapne….Kuch apne, Kuch begane
    Haseen fasaane, Jaise rim jhim tharaane….


  2. Have heard many people say…”I shall be happy when i achieve this” ,Which you have termed as a milestone .I do not refute.

    Stop for a moment and consider……of the moments that life is filled with. Not many belong to milestones, while majority belong to your journey towards them.
    If alone one could enjoy the process of achieving, besides the achievement itself……I guess life would be far more fulfilling.

  3. Nice poem has come as a comment for your “Dreams” post. Here are my best wishes, that your lovely sweet dreams become true asap. In my opinion, Khwab dekhne ke liye haunsala chahiye, and when you have dared to dream, you are having that power in yourself, go and make the dreams true. And if dreams are related with love [that I am not sure] and you are not able to gather courage, go and get CD of DDLJ, watch and follow SRK. 😉
    And one more thing, don’t try to deviate ppl from your dreams to terms as goals/milestones, because “Ye duniya hai, sab jaanti hai”. :O

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