Another day in my Life, Life


White, Orange, Blue and finally Gold. These were the colors of the drink that I had yesterday. Place – 821. Rickshaw-wali a.k.a Lakhwinder, Arun, Yogesh, Dominic and I left in a cab to 821. The moment I entered the place, I became OFF. Reason, the dance floor was really small. Definitely no dance floor can accommodate me 😉 but it could have been better.

Bacardi Breezer, Fosters, Kingfisher were the only ones available and all my colleagues were  also OFF. Why did the recreation committee choose this place and the menu. Anyways, I did what I wanted to. Made sure that I had lot of fun. I was behaving as a college guy, making fun of the compères and shouting. Suresh (my boss) and Arun also joined me in making sure that the events did go as expected;).

Finally what I wanted. The dance floor was opened. Who said only Shakira can shake her booty. I also tried to shake that of mine and for once I had exonerated all my inhibitions and had fun. This in spite of the music being bad. Anyways I did shake my legs hard.

Of all the 3 big parties that I had been a part of, Zero G stands out. The second was @ HINT and the close third was 821.


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