Another day in my Life

sudha, Meesa, susoma …

The list goes on and on….

Sudha – My first ever nickname or alias. My mom started calling me by this name and it carried on in my school as well. It so happened that even couple of my teachers started calling me by this name. I feel really happy if someone calls me by this name. Of all the people, only my mom and Giri have called me by this name the most.

Meesa –  Sounds like a Roadie name, isn’t it. I donno how, I was christened with this name. But it became a popular name in my college. Right from my bus, route no. 7 to the ECE department, everywhere… I got this name because I sported a big mustache, during my college days. Kumsi was the one who had coined this name for me. At least thats what I believe .. 😉

Susoma – One of the most weird nicknames that I have got in my recent past. Because, it has more alphabets from my surname rather than mine. Macromedia game me a very different email, and it didn’t take more than couple of minutes for Sritama to give me this name. 2 yrs and going strong, all my colleagues like to call me by this name.

Genie, dinosaur, monster, blabbermouth ….. and the list goes on. 🙂


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