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Why should always the strong be put to test?

He is 20 years old and he is no more. Why should the strong be always put to test. I didn’t want to write on this, cause it was very personal to be but this was something that I wanted to put down so that I would be relieved to a certain extent.

In my 24 years of being existent in this unreal world, I have come across only a handful of people who are really strong and to see most of them belong to a single family is very rare. Such is the family of Kala. An outright extrovert, who speaks her out, I haven’t seen a person who is so strong in my life. It was her bro, who passed away a couple of days back. Shattered, was I when I came to know of the same. It was then, lot of questions came to my mind.

Why should GOD always put the strong to test? Is it to measure how strong they are or does GOD want to see them break and crumble? Why should HE be so mean sometimes? He is the almighty and to whom should HE prove his supremacy?

What IF, GOD should be pardoned, who will fix an appointment for HIM with ME?


One thought on “Why should always the strong be put to test?

  1. Agree but Life is limited. For whatever non-existent “GOD”… We just push it on him… I had bitter experiences too… There are many among us… No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, All you take from this world is “A GOOD NAME”… 100 people talk about your greatness and quote you when you are not around…

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