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100 kmph

Who possesses who? A question that I always ask myself when I drive my bike. I am biker who lives by the law, “what is the point of having a powerful bike without driving it fast”. I have seen people driving a 150cc bike at 40 kmph. Where is the fun?

I generally drive at around 80-110 kmph. And whenever there is a challenge, I take my bike to its limits. My bike is everything for me. But I have experienced one thing whenever I take my bike to its limits. Till 100 kmph, I will be in full control of my bike, after which the bike takes over. It is as though, the bike possesses you instead of you controlling the bike.  😉

It is a very different feeling, one that of being possessed. Adrenalin pumping action. I tend to scream vigorously, sometimes.  But end of the day, I drive home satisfied. What is more important is that I wear a Helmet. 🙂


2 thoughts on “100 kmph

  1. Dont be crazy crossing the limits, helmet wont help…. even a small stone can take your life… Bike is only for travelling and not for risking life dude… never advise some one to go to a limit of raising the accelerator when you cant control it… however, you rock… !!

  2. “Why the hell does……”, is what one feels when advice is given. Each one of us is rational.But in the thrill of events, one forgets to be…Perfectly justified.Who knows it better than me. Enjoy life BINDAAS is what I think…..Like somebody who is no more used to tell me ” Live each day as if it were your last”, Oft quoted wise words, which he never regretted …I HOPE….
    Rest you know…..Its that we dont like to be told the obvious 🙂

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