Another day in my Life

Sodhappal Singaram

Sodhappal – (v) action that involves a person screwing up things from his end or making a blunder and feel embarrassed. Though not done intentionally.

It was 8.10 pm, on the 22nd of April. I had just come home from work and was surfing the TV, only to find out that there wasn’t any good programme running. The telephone rung and with all excited and reached it, only to see a very different number being displayed. I attended the call.

It was one of my distant relative, and they had come down to bangalore and wanted to meet us. “Where is mom?” asked my uncle. “She is in Gayathri’s house” replied I. It began there. And went on telling him whatever came to mind. That my mom would be back home in half an hour and that you could call us morrow and meet us. Later he asked me as to when I would leave for Office the next day. And then came a flurry of answers from my side. I told him that I would leave by 8.30 am and that mom might go to the temple. So you better give a call and then decide to come and meet us.

After a brief pause, my uncle then told me that he had just then spoken to my sister. What the F**K!!! Those were the exact words that I uttered in silence. It was then I realized I had sodhappified. I hung the phone and immediately called my sister. It was then I got to know that she had told them that mom was in our native. Damn. I was totally embarrassed.

I didn’t know what I was like that. I should been not sane to have blabbered so much in my life.

The next day, I recollected what I had told over the phone and I was laughing it out. Sodhappal Singaram, you have completely lost it.


3 thoughts on “Sodhappal Singaram

  1. Such things, as these are the only times am assured that…Sudharshan is after all human :)…..Despite being creazy about your work, about cars, about your bike….its such blunders that are an endearing quality….Its good to be human…and err, atleast once in a while…for someone who aspires for perfection.

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