Another day in my Life, Life

Am lovin it

“When was the last time you got drenched in rain intentionally and you loved doing it?”. I got reminded of this when I came out Krishna Cafe on Thursday night. Kala had asked me this question during our last conversation. It was raining heavily and all I was doing was being hesitant. It was then I decided that why not do something that I had done some 2 yrs back. I stepped out of the shelter and walked straight towards my bike and drove home. From Thursday, it has been 3 days in succession that I had been getting drenched even though I had an option to wait.

The climate was very chill and while driving my bike, in order to keep up with the weather, I was singing couple of my favorite tunes at a high pitch. It was then I rediscovered the kid inside me. I was loving every moment of it and I know that I needn’t thank anyone.


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