Another day in my Life

First timer

It hurts, it pains, it makes you sweat and when its over you are happy. Thats what I felt. My triceps hurt me a lot even as I am typing this post. But I am enjoying it. It was a promise or should I say, a New Year’s Resolution, that I had made and for the last few of months, I was considering it as a resolution. You know resolutions are meant to be broken.

This was the case until Feb end. The Panic button was pressed and I realized that I was 0.1 tonne.  It was then, I got reminded of the challenge that I had made to one of my friend. It was a challenge that I wanted to lose. But for once I wanted to reassure myself that I am not a quitter. I started  to go for early morning walks and I slowly made it a part of my routine.

Finally I joined a GYM. It was this Monday. An long lasting TO-DO finally completed. I graduated from Floor exercise to weights. On day one, I had completed all the prescribed sets of exercises and finally I was completely drenched in my sweat. What a sight. A sense of accomplishment. It was after 8 years that I has sweat like this. I was really happy.

Day 2 and I was lying on the bed, whining and crying that my triceps, chest and shoulders were paining real bad. I skipped my class. Today, I spoke to my instructor and got insights regarding the same. Today I burnt 100 calories on treadmill.

No Pain No Gain.


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