Last I saw, 300. I have no words to express what I had seen on screen. The movie starts and ends SPARTAN way. The movie was nothing but an epitome of Spartan valor. The cinematography was exceptional and the dialogs were just perfect for the script. King Leonidas thunders “Madness……. This is Sparta” and there begins, the war against a thousands of Persian by a group of 300 Spartans. The stunt choreography was impeccable and it truly represent the Spartan gallantry and most of the action sequences were more of poetry in motion. The movie also, in certain instances expresses the arrogance or the supremacy of Spartans. Once such instance is when, after the rain of arrows was over, King Leonidas stand up and just wipes off all the arrows of his shield. Truly, a picture that represents their attitude with war.

If you thought Kill Bill was bloody… then 300 has given a very good run on that lines. The winner …. its up to the individuals. On the whole, the movie was simply very good and I had a good night sleep after that.


2 thoughts on “300

  1. South says:

    i think ima have to see this movie again. saw mabe the first 30 minutes but then the projector broke, now im sad cuz i feel like im the only one in the world who hasnt seen it

  2. Nothing to worry about… a symbol of true action movie with lots of animations… Heard from my room-mate that the director and the 300 men used to have a 2-3hr of Gymming before every shoot… overall, i think its worth watching once… since i dont like to watch this kind of hyper-fictious-action not multiple times..

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