The wait is over …. Shivaji


Finally, the wait is over. For an ardent Rajni fan, it was a wait that was worth it. I am actually writing this blog when hearing to Rajni’s Shivaji’s soundtrack. The most awaited release for almost a year and half and AR Rehman, has done good. In fact has pinned some great numbers.

Athiradee Karan and Oru Koodai sunlight are for those who like the new age music. There are also couple of tracks for the melody lovers and a folk song. A perfect package for success. The soundtrack was out on the internet for a couple of days, but it wasn’t complete. Today I got the entire album and had been hearing it over and over again. The reason is obvious, it is my superstar’s movie. No matter what the North Indians talk about Rajni, make fun of his style, WHATEVER. No one can create magic in Box office like our very own Superstar.

Waiting for the release of the Movie….. Few more days to go …. 🙂


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