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After two years…

Great! I had forgotten everything. This was what ran into my mind the moment I opened the Oracle Database Configuration Wizard. It has been almost two years, since I had worked on Oracle Database. It was Oracle 10g, that I had to configure to set up an environment for the team.

The last time, I had worked on Oracle it was 9i and hence I was hunting for the Enterprise Manager Client to alter the database contents. But I couldn’t find the same. After a bit of initial hiccups, I found out that the enterprise manager is now an browser based application. Good. Browser based applications have their own advantages. But to my misery I couldn’t actually bind to the database that I had created now.

Sometimes I actually try to understand the problem at a high level and try to solve the same. But later, after going through the problem once more, I would find the solution in a jiffy. This has always been with me and today was no exception. I actually was trying to find out how to bind to the database that I had created without understanding the concept that in 10g, each database has a port specified for the enterprise manager.

Finally after fighting it out for almost 3 hours, I finally managed to create a database and configure the users for the same. But it didn’t stop there. All of us know the need for a commit command in SQL. After entering 2 pages of SQL commands, I forgot to Commit the same and restarted the database. SHIT. No one can be more dumb than me at some times. Typically it was on OFF day for me today.

But everyday we need to learn something new. But today I learnt the a lesson. COMMIT at the end of every SQL transaction and COMMIT Sensibly 🙂


One thought on “After two years…

  1. Jayasimhan says:

    This happens to me too… After typing in a big document i would close it without saving it and I’ll feel like…’ I suck!’

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