The Pursuit of Happyness

“If you have a dream. You’ve got to protect it”. Truly one of the finest movies, that I have watched in recent times. The movie is so very well presented that I didnt believe that the movie actually got over. Will Smith has done justification to the role and has lived as Chris Gartner on screen. The movie actually details all the aspect of Chris Gartner’s life, his struggle, his relationship with his son and finally he being happy.

There were two scenes in the movie that I really liked. One wherein Smith makes his son rest and reads his course work standing underneath a window with the help of the light emerging of the it and the other; and this one actually moved me was when he spends a night with his son in the restroom and later when he sells the last x ray machine he has and tells his son that we shall stay in a hotel for the night, his son asks him, aren’t we staying in the cave.

Simply one of the best movies I have watched in the recent time. A strong recommendation from my side to watch the movie.


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