Adobe CS 3

The third installment of the Creative Suite, CS 3. How could I miss out this news in my Blog. Undoubtedly the biggest ever release in Adobe History and it has happened at the right time. Adobe celebrates its 25th year this year and Adobe beats Microsoft to the market before the Expressions release.

The Adobe CS 3 is the brain child of two of the most successful companies, Macromedia and Adobe and it has the best of the breed of product for the creative community, be it both the desktop and the web. This is evident from their Design and Web suites. Also one can get his hands wet with all the products that have gone into the CS 3 by trying the MASTER Collection. Hence we can definitely tell that this time the bundle is aptly named Creative Suite.

The CS 3 release is also very much important for Apple as all the products of CS 3 are Universal binary and this might boost the MAC INTEL sales of Apple. Apple believes so that is why the Adobe CS 3 product ad is placed in their website home page.


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