Another day in my Life

Heights of (In)sanity

Its over 2 months old, this habit of us going out for treats. Each member of the team takes turns to treat the rest. And today was the turn of our MASTER. He has always been the person or should I say the Scape Goat of the team. We always keep pulling his leg and today it reached its limits. It was our MASTERS turn and the venue was supposedly at GUFHA, a restaurent that was kinda expensive. This was the plan, until one of my team mate was concerned over the bill amount. This started off, the discussion on where we would go and all the while our MASTER was silent. What started off as a discussion turned into a clash of the egos. We jumped in and made sure that it stopped and decided that we would make the decission the next day

Today was no different than yesterday. The same amount of work, but for a change, it was peaceful; until the time arrived once more for us to decide the venue. During our lunch we discussion so much that we ad ended up giving more options than required. Everytime we decided on a venue, one of us would come up with another option and this went until we started laughing it out. Never have I, come across so many options for going out on a treat and definitely this is not me. I was like totally lost it and finally we were back to square one – Gufha.

We came back to our desk and decided that we should book the table for the dinner, it was then we decided to look for more options. I think we would have had atleast some 30 venues picked. Finally our MASTER got irritated for the first time ever and blasted us. I think we completely lost it. The way we all were behaving was as though we were at the last stages of sanity. We started to behave in a childish manner. Our of my team mates made sure that all of us listened to him and these were the words he uttered “Ok guys. Listen up now. It is decided. Yipeee we are going to Gufha” and this he uttered after we had booked a table in another restaurent. It was after a long time, that I had laughed so much at work. Thanks to all those SANE people, including me who are trying to cope up with an INSANE world.


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