Day Two – Training continues


Its day two and the session on Cocoa started off with a bang. It was a continuation to yesterdays demo – a mini web browser. Today, we had build a fully functional one in Cocoa. We then dived in Objective C and I was able to understand most of it, since it resembled most of the Concepts in Java. Objective C has something called as Protocols, which are equivalent to that of Interfaces in Java. This facility is not available in C++. The syntax of the methods are also very wierd.

Here’s an example;  If we need to declare a method that has two arguments then we need to declare it as (retun type)dothis:(var type)andthis:(var type). Hence we need to place : for each argument and if your method accepts six arguments then we need to have six ":".

After Cocoa and Objectvie C, it was time for Core Graphics and Image IO. Even though, I practically have no experince with all this, my Image Processing knowledge came to my rescue. On the whole the two days of MAC training, gave me a very good introduction to programming on MAC.


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