Universal Binary

I was an interesting day ahead. By INTERESTING, I meant, I was in Office at 8.00 am. ‘ Cause, I had a training that was scheduled at 9.00

The training was on MAC OS X and Development on the same. All my life, I was a JAVA guy and it was after I joined Macromedia that I ever got to see a Macintosh. Things started off well and it just got better as the discussions shifted towards Universal Binary and Leopard, which is the next release of Apple MAC OS. I am not a MAC geek, but I was always interested in the same ever since I started to using it.

It was until recently that MAC OS X has been made available for Intel Based PC’s and the concept of Universal Binary was popularized. Till today, I was under the impression that, a universal application is a single application that runs both on PPC and MACTELS. But my assumption was wrong. It has the code for both PPC and MACTELS and based on the hardware architecture MAC OS, invokes the appropriate code. Really interesting.

So the next version of MAC OS X, Leopard; since it is purely 64 bit, will have 4 parts to it. 2 peice of code fragments for 32 bits and 2 for 64 bits.

After which, the topic of discussion was Core Foundation and I had my foundations really weak and hence nothing got into my head except for the programming paradigms.

We later dived into XCode and since I had used the same earlier there wasn’t much to learn except for the build setup. What was really interesting is that MAC has something called as an Interface builder which is really handy for developing the UI for your applications. The demo that was shown to us was that of a web browser. The presenter actually built a fully functional web browser and a Fahrenheit to Celcius converter in just under 3 minutes. I think no tool can do this, so fast. It was a pure MAC application.

So as I head to bed, with lots of expectation for tomorrow. Its training again.


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