Another day in my Life


It has been almost a year and a half, since I had spammed my friends inbox with scrappy mails. Neither I have recieved those good luck mails or mails that ask you to forward the same to 5 of your friends or else you would experience bad luck. Last night, I was really bored and didn’t know what to do. So as usual, I opened my laptop and started surfing the net for some gyan. It was then I stumbled upon a site that could be a You-Tube for Document – Scribd.

Scribd has an interesting collection of everthing. I started to browse through the documents and what I found there were some excellent, hillarious and funny documents, jokes, narrations. As I was going through some links in the same, I found this funny one. The title reads “25 signs that you have grown up” and the contents are really apt for the title the author had coined. I just searched endlessly, only to find myself awake till midnight.

Today was the first time in almost a year and a half that I had started spamming my friends inboxes and I am just loving it.


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