Another day in my Life

World Music


This happened a few months back. As usual, I was in chennai for the weekend and was lying in the bed like a log. My sis and her hubby had also come down to chennai for the weekend and they were all set to go out for shopping. After almost 6 hours of shopping, we returned back home. While driving back, my bro-in-law had played some interesting piece music.

It was an album named MUDRA. It was the first time, I was listening to Instrumental. I was always influenced by the Indian Maestro Ilayaraja. But listening to something like this, it was really great. I was listening to the same the whole night and by the next day, I almost by hearted the notes of it. Such was the music, soul touching, peaceful. If you are in search of tranquility and want a real stress buster listen to Prem Joshua.

And I stumbled upon this link today. It has works of Prem Joshua and trust me, it’s worth listening to, especially MUDRA.


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