Time to Think

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“We can’t stop the inevitable from happening, we can just prolong it”

I was away from my laptop for a couple of days, that why I am blogging on this topic that would have been discussed, thrashed out and forgotten for the past two days.

I was one of the few gifted men, who didn’t get the oppurtunity to watch India submit to Sri Lanka in the World Cup group stages. “Rubbish Cricket” these were the very words that were uttered by one of the fans who had travelled to Port of Spain to watch this match.

After the 1979 World Cup, this is the second World Cup where India has crashed out at the group stages. Finally, the much talked about worlds best batting line up, has to introspect and find out as to how they way hyped so much and try to atleast become one. The batting line up that crumbled to Sri Lanka, had 3 batsman who had scored more than 10,000 runs in ODI and still what we get is nothing but a meek 75 runs from them. I think its time, the indian team take up their full time job serious – Advertising.

The blame game had started right after the match. Greg Chappel mentions, Indias poor record overseas for the early exit from the world cup. Is this the kind of statement that a coach makes about his team. He is a big time LOSER.

Anyways now india needs to rely on; the team that they THRASHED, Bermuda to beat Bangladesh, to get into the Super 8 stages. Its time to come back home boys. We all really miss you. 🙂