India resurrects

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On monday, India faced a side that was just 20 ODI’s old, Bermuda. Indians were hoping for a victory by a big margin and thats exactly what happened on Monday. Finally our top order clicked with 3 of the top 4 batsman making merry of the placid attack of Bermuda. Sehwag finally got it going and reached his first ODI hundered since the early 2006. On the other end, Ganguly made sure to every one that he is not in by chance.

I would be doing injustice to
Leverock, if I don’t mention him. What the …. !!!!! :). Those were the words that I uttered, when I saw Leverock take a blinder of a catch to dismiss Utthappa. Amazing. And the way the Bermuda team was celebrating after the catch, I felt that the trap had been set for India to fail.

All the pieces of the Indian team had fallen in one place; the batting, bowling and fielding. With a century under his belt, everyone says Sehwag is back in form. But mind you, it was against a team that was just 20 ODI’s old. The real test for Sehwag is when India takes on Sri Lanka. And IF Sehwag fails and I hope its a BIG IF, what will Team India do?


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