Minnows of the World Cup

It was raining sixes and boundaries, but this time it was the youngsters from Bangladesh calling on the shots. It was totally pissed off with the way indians played their cup opener match. On on side we had one of the worlds best batting line up and on the other side we had a team that had little known players. Bangladesh had played around 600 matches only and this is kinda equal to the number of matches that Sachin and Dravid had played. The match was really one sided and the team that had the upper hand all the time was Bangladesh.

I was really amazed by the way the Bangladeshi boys, oops they can no longer be called boys, batted. One day cricket is all about chance; who said. It is more of how effective you are taking calculated risks. I could see this in the way the Bangladeshis batted. On one end, it was raining boundaries and on the other end the strike was rotated. In the end, it was 3 youngsters who had played around 15 – 20 matches in total, who had won the match for Bangladesh.

I didnt expect much from this world cup, but the result of the India Vs Bangladesh and Pakistan Vs Ireland, had raised lot of eyebrows and no one can discount the small teams in this World Cup.


2 thoughts on “Minnows of the World Cup

  1. Sathish says:

    that’s true sudharshan…i really amazed by seeing the mind set of Bangladeshian’s . They played it without any pressure. I think before start playing , Bangladesh would have thought that “they have to win India”, Indians would have thought that “Bangladesh will loose the match”. This is the problem.

    And i really hate the way zaheer bowled , it doesn’t seems to be a experienced bowler’s bowling. Anyway I still ahev some hope in the Indian Team , and they will comeback and show the world who they are. Let’s hope for the best.

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