Tech Days | Holidays


The last two weeks were really hectic. I had hardly slept for more than 5 hours on any of those days. It was then, that I got an opportunity to attend Sun Tech Day’s, that was to be held at Hyderabad. At first, I didnt like the idea, as there was lot of work pending and I had to do the catching game once I am back. But finally, I decided that I was a welcome break in guise and I made full use of it.

It was the first time I was visiting Hyderabad and I had taken a list of places to visit from one of my collegue. But when I reached the Hotel, all my plans went for a toss. I had my stay at Novotel, one of the finest hotels in hyderabad. Eventhough the ambience of the hotel wasn’t at par with any of the 5 star hotels, the facilities that were provided were really good.

Although I learnt a lot at the Sun Tech Day’s, what was more fullfilling was the stay at the hotel. Sikandar, Gurdeep and I, used to sit by the pool during the evenings and speak on various topics. The soothing music and the cool breeze made sure that we were awake till midnight. It was so very relaxing and I was enjoying every moment of it. Eventhough I wanted to see a lot of places in hyderabad, I preferred to sit by the pool and chat with my folks. It was really refreshing.

It was a good three day break that I had and what continued for the next 2 days was the best. Tech Day’s was over and all of them were returning back home. But I preferred to stay in hyderabad for another 2 days with Arun. Arun is my childhood friend and I always enjoy his company. Unlike most of my other friends, Arun was always true to me and always spoke his heart out.

It was saturday and our appointment was with Mr. 160 ft. Hussain Sagar lake was the home of a 160 ft Buddha statue and we made sure we meet him late in the evening. We reached Necklace road at around 5.30 pm and caught a steamer to reach that place. It was windy and Buddha was magnanimous. I sat down and meditated for a couple of minutes, after which there was distractions from all sides – Girls 🙂 We reached home at around 10.30 pm and I hit the sack immediately.

All this while, I was missing something in Hyderabad and I got my question answered when I had my taste buds stimulated with the spicy Hyderabadi Biryani. It was one of the finest biryanis I have ever had in my life and I personlly felt that I had ended my trip on a perfect note.