Destination Mysore


No Road trip is complete without a share of engine problems. Ours was no exception.

We planned to leave Bangalore at 6.30 am, hoping to reach Mysore by 8.30 am. Everything was going as per plan. Freddy was clocking 100 – 110 Kmph, and we reached our first pit stop – Hotel Kamat. It was here all our plans went for a toss.

The waiter @ the hotel, suggested us to go for a breakfast buffet, (I haven’t had one till date). We started munching and it went on and on and finally when it was over, it was 8.15 am.The food there was amazing. The possibility of us reaching Mysore by 9.00 at least was ZERO. So with our stomach full, we hit the road once more to reach first of the 3 destinations – Sri Rangapatna @ 9.30 am.

Sri Rangapatna was the capital of  Tipu Sultan, who once ruled Karnataka. We were all thrilled to see the place as he had left a rich legacy behind him. Arun and Freddy were really thrilled as it was their maiden trip to Mysore. But what we saw there was nothing but ruins. The entire fort was in ruins except for the dungeon where he spent the last days of his life.

After spending close to an hour in Sri Rangapatna, we left for Mysore. As usual, freddy was clocking 100 – 110 kmph. It was here, we experienced what an SUV brings along with it when it hits the highway. We were overtaken by a Scorpio and all that we could do was watch it disappear in front our eyes. It was RAW power that was at display.

Our first stop in Mysore was the Mysore Zoo. It is one of India’s oldest zoo. We saw some rare breed of animals at the zoo and it was real fun to see the young tusker playing in mud with its mother. After the zoo, it was lunch time. After lunch, we reached the much anticipated venue – the Mysore Palace. All our expectation we fulfilled the moment we saw the palace. It was really a visual treat. I was personally thrilled to see the antiques that were at display in the palace.

It was close to 5.00 pm in the evening when we left the palace. All of us were really tired and there was one more destination in our itenary, Brindavan Gardens. All the while, we found our directions in Mysore all by ourselfs. Infact it was my instincts 🙂 that helped us find our way in Mysore.

We reached Brindavan Gardens at 6.30 pm. It was chock-a-block with crowd as it was a weekend. Brindavan Gardens, was always a favorite pinic spot right from the eighties and almost every movie right from the seventies has a song sequence picturized here.

We left brindavan gardens at around 7.30 pm, only to have a minor engine problem at Mandya. We spent almost close to an hour at Mandya, getting our problem fixed and finally we reached Bangalore @ 10.30 pm.

It was really a memorable experience and this was one road trip that I would never forget.


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